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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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The information security policy is complied with the relevant laws on protecting personal information and the Government's Decree 52/2013/ND-CP on e-commerce issued on May 16, 2013.

Customers registering personal profile information on the website of SweetSoft Corporation are agreeing to the terms and conditions of membership of SweetSoft Joint Stock Company. As follows:
     1. Scope of using information: including full name of phone number, email, transaction address, tax code This information is only used to provide sales information, promotions, technical services of the company to customers.
     2. The collection and use of information by each customer are only done with the consent of that customer unless otherwise provided for by law.
     3. Members after registration must be responsible for managing their own accounts, passwords and personal information
     4. In the event that our company has confirmed that a member violates the following, we may suspend, or revoke our membership of the account, and we are not responsible for Damage arising from such interruption or cancellation. In case a member damages the interests of our company, or a third person for violating the things listed below, the violating member must be responsible for compensation of such damage.
     - Register information not true when registering members.
     - There are violations of laws and regulations.
     - Using your account and password for an illegal purpose, or for a third person to use.
     - Causing harm to our company
     - Acts that our company deems inappropriate
     5. Grievance mechanism for Clients: Clients have the right to lodge complaints to SweetSoft Corporation. Upon receiving these feedbacks, SweetSoft Joint Stock Company will confirm the information and case exactly as reflected by the buyer depending on the extent, SweetSoft Joint Stock Company will take timely handling measures to ensure protect the interests of Customers.
     6. SweetSoft Joint Stock Company may change the agreement / policy, when there is a change, we will post on, and after posting it is deemed that the agreement takes effect. In case of changes or updates of information / policies, if a member uses the service, we consider that the member has accepted all such agreements.
     7. Customer information is stored on SweetSoft Corporation's private server and the Company is authorized / authorized to manage and secure customer information.
     8. Purchasing information, personal / organizational information at SweetSoft Joint Stock Company are confidential and not disclosed to third parties. SweetSoft Joint Stock Company is committed to protecting customer information in accordance with regulations. of applicable law.
     9. SweetSoft Joint Stock Company is committed to protecting the privacy of customers through the website's security system, not using it for commercial purposes or any other purpose. We use information security measures to prevent loss, confusion or change of data in the system.
     10. SweetSoft Joint Stock Company commits to use the information only to create a safe, convenient and professional shopping environment and improve the quality of customer care. In addition, the information is also used only by us in resolving issues related to disputes arising in the sale, payment via the website, and preventing activities that violate Vietnamese law.
     11. SweetSoft Joint Stock Company commits not to share, sell or rent personal information with anyone, in any form. The information you send to us is only managed by the staff of SweetSoft Corporation and used for the purpose of contacting or emailing to provide information to you.

We will send personal information about you to other companies or individuals in the event that:
- We have your consent to disclose that information
- We need to disclose your information to provide products or services related to contacting you.
- We obey subpoenas, court orders or legal process
- We see that your actions on our websites are in violation of our usage guidelines for certain products or services.

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