Software development and outsourcing proccess

Software development and outsourcing proccess

Software development and outsourcing proccess

Software development and outsourcing proccess

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We can say the process development / building software (Software Development / Engineering Process - SEP) nature decided to create good quality products at low cost and high productivity, this has important implications for production companies or outsourcing to strengthen and grow with the industry's competitive software.

What is the proccess?

The process can be understood as methods of making or manufacturing the product. Similarly, SEP is the method of development or production of software products.

Typically a process include the following basic elements: 
• Procedures
• Activity Guidelines
• Forms / templates
• Checklists 
• Tools

With the major work groups: 

• Requirements Specification: indicates the "required" for all the functional requirements and nonfunctional. 
• Development: to create software to satisfy the requirements indicated in the "specification required". 
• Validation / Testing: to ensure that software produced meets the "required" is indicated in the "specification required". 
• Evolution: meet the changing needs of customers. 

Depending on the model of software development, the task group deployed in different ways. To produce the same software products it is possible to use different models. However not all models are suitable for every application.

System quality is our guarantee and commitment to build on the general requirements such as: 

    - Make sure all the processes necessary for the operation of the company and the process is applied effectively. 
    - The sequence and interactions between processes in the system of quality HanoiMedia always customer oriented and determined the following order: Understanding customer requirements, software development, software deployment, Consultant and customer support. 
    - Ensure and commit sufficient resources to meet the necessary information to support the operation and monitoring processes. 
    - The process is always monitored, measured and analyzed scientifically. 
    - Ensure the implementation of actions needed to achieve expected results and provide an objective basis for analysis and continuous improvement. 
    - Controlling the processes related to external resources that affect the suitability of the product. 

To control and remain focused management of SweetSoft quality according to standards of quality systems, SweetSoft has developed a quality policy is consistent with the general orientation of the company to meet the requirements force continual improvement of the quality system; the basis for establishing and reviewing quality objectives. Moreover, the quality policy is communicated SweetSoft of training for all employees of the company, the content of training required for new employees as well as review regularly so that appropriate governance model Management 

Our quality policy is: "Continuous improvement processes, quality products and services to bring the highest benefits for our customers." 

Also SweetSoft also built several other provisions to meet work demands as: 

    - Software Development: Compliance made by the processes of software development has been defined to produce software products to effectively, accurately and consistently. 
    - Project Planning: Creating the project plan is feasible for the implementation of development and project management software. Develop workload assessment to implementation, establishing appropriate commitments and determine plans for the work that needs done. 
    - Software Project Management: Monitor and review the work already done, the results of the evidence (documents) on the initial estimate, the commitment, planning and adjustment these plans based on the work already done and concrete results. 
    - Managing software requirements: Establish a common understanding between customers and software projects on the customer's requirements will be implemented by software projects. 
    - Software configuration management: Establish and ensure the integrity and safety of the product throughout the project cycle activities of software projects. 
    - Software Quality Assurance: Provide tools and support managers to monitor the processes applied in software projects and software products are built. Review (review) and evaluation (audit) software products and manufacturing operations to ensure that they comply with the procedures and standards specified. 
    - Reviewing: early and effective removal of defective products work (work products). To the development team knows more than the work product and therefore the impairment to be prevented. The products should be considered to be determined during the project and is scheduled in the project plan. 
    - Management of products and services: Construction management policies and service products (SP / DV) to improve the efficiency of the business of the SP / DV. Managing the business organization SP / DV ensure the carrying SP / DV to customers with the highest quality, along with more innovative services. The output of product management policies as rules, procedures, forms together.

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