Software outsourcing
Software outsourcing

Software outsourcing

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Our clients can enjoy advantage of the effective cost for the service we render. Moreover, we don’t offer low cost at expense of quality and value.

SweetSoft Solutions is also known for being very flexible in cost structure when working with clients.

SweetSoft Solutions and its offshore strategic partners are working together to provide offshore clients with a wide range of cost-effective quality offshore software outsourcing services. Some of these typical services include:

•  Application components development
•  Application maintenance and upgrade
•  Application web-enabling
•  Application testing and quality assurance
•  Project management and R & D services

We leverage the competitive strengths by integrating local specialist technical skills with high-level expertise of our offshore business partners.

There are a couple of flexible ways that we can work with offshore business partners for IT outsourced services: product component outsourcing (a part of the overall system is outsourced) or process component outsourcing (a part of the function of one or more of the process steps or components to be outsourced) or any other additional ways.

Our business model allows us to use a blended local & offshore team to offer Best-quality outsourcing services to our offshore clients:

•  A cost-effective pool of diverse IT resources
•  Integrate local and offshore business partners
•  Quality service at extremely competitive cost
•  Progress-driven and quality-focused management
•  Core technological expertise and specialist technical skills.

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