Technology stacks
Technology stacks

Technology stacks

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Along with its development, we relentlessly apply the cutting-edge development standards, methodologies and application architecture in building application software, software outsourcing, web design, e-commerce, multimedia application. We guarantee that we will use the latest IT technologies to help our clients rapidly gain the best result and competitive advantages in their business.
We focus on both core software development knowledge and technology skills. Our software development knowledge consists of planning, survey and analysis, architecture and design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, security engineering, performance.
In terms of core software development knowledge, we focus on so ftware engineering practices: development processes, project management, configuration management, architectural design and testing techniques. We design software based on object-oriented analysis and design model.
This main knowledge helps us build better software and also help us challenge ourselves with emerging technologies.
We have experiences and expertise in the following environments:

Programming language:
•   C#, PHP, Node.JS, Solidity
•   HTML / css / javascript / typescript, jquery
•   vue / react (ReactJS, ReactNative)
•   UML.

•  Oracle 
•  MS SQL Server 
•  MySQL
•  PostgreSQL
•  redist

•  Windows (all versions)
•  Sun Solaris, Linux
•  MacOS, iOS
•  Android

•  Binance Smart Chain
•  Polygon
•  Ethereum
•  Solana
•  Web3
•  Smart contract deployment
•  NFT/DOT marketplace (crypto e-commerce)
•  Coin launching
•  Tokenomics

•  machine learning / algorithms
•  image/video recognition

•   Web server: Microsoft IIS, Apache, Nginx
•   AWS, Azure, other cloud services
•   Network, server administration

Architecture / other tech
•   virtual server
•   docker
•   git
•   microservices
•   event-driven

Graphic design
•  Figma
•  Adobe Photoshop
•  Adobe Illustrator
•  Corel Draw

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